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fresh tune for spring available copyleft for remixing, mastering, dubbing. DIY bedroom folk


Available at my writing wordpress site explorational situations along with the backstory! Seriously, I bare my soul to you, to nick the immortal Faith T's phrase from that rad party when she was a hilarious human jukebox.

Spring cleaning

When I lose touch with the moment I live in/ scum settles in my mind/scum and dirt and clutter, gets pretty obscene/I can’t see what’s before me til I scrub it clean

So much to untangle to much to say/all of these thoughts keep getting in my way/I’ll line them all up at the surface/cause then I can pack ’em away

Won’t you help me get my tidy on? I got some spring cleaning to do
though in the end I’ve got to get down to it I’d appreciate some help from you

If I get into a scrub a dub dub I’ll stick at it til the task is through but right up til I get into that zone it looks so hard to do

Dust down those cobwebs they’ve been shutting out the light/ take a deep breath’ sort out those piles of shite/ let the light shine onto that skeleton in the cupboard/once it’s seen the light of day I can put it away

A bit of tangled wool can chill in the corner/ I’ll unpick the knots some rainy day/it’s ok to have some shit that’s not sorted/as long as I can pack it away.

So won’t you…..


released May 24, 2016
Me, myself and I
The Hotel Calaisfornia, Tropicalais, Lajungala Radio 6

Eva Weinstein


QThere's Lyca bug in my brick, what shall I do?
A Don't shout or wave it about or the others will want one two miss a few 99, 100




Eva Weinstein Sings For You (YEWF) Irvine, California

london based amateur singer songwriter who is far better at the violin than singing and worst of all at recording

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